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A man is charged with attempted murder of law enforcement recruits after plowing into a group, and i

Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez, 22 years old, was taken into custody after allegedly plowed into a group of law enforcement recruits out for a training run in southern California and has been charged with attempted murder and additional charges are pending. His Honda SUV barreled into the group and then struck a light pole on the side of the street, which stopped it from hitting more recruits. Authorities say nearly 75 recruits were out for the morning run in Whittier at around 6:25 am when the wrong-way driver plowed into the training platoon. As many as 25 recruits suffered injuries including head trauma, broken bones, and a 'loss of limb,' with at least five critically injured.

Patients were taken to several different hospitals, including St. Francis Medical Center and LAC+USC Medical Center.

Authorities are withholding the names of the victims, until after family members are alerted.

The wrong way driver blew a 0.0 on a sobriety test, it was reported, and was detained at the scene. He was found to have marijuana in his car. The cause of the collision remains under investigation.

Just before 6 o'clock, tonight deputies rolled up on his home in Diamond Bar. Photographer Joel Perez was told that he was allowed to shoot what happened next but he was asked to turn the camera light off and hide behind a vehicle.

Clearly, deputies were going to prepare for anything that should happen next once they bang on the front door.

One deputy was holding a portable battering ram. With a rifle in a ready position. The door opened. Two women were ordered out and ushered away from the house. Shortly thereafter, the light went on in an upstairs bedroom. Another deputy approached the house with her gun drawn, looking in with caution before entering. During the 5 11 special reports, Sheriff Alex Vienna planned the police action as a joint effort with the CHP and DA's office, so all three of them were working together to determine whether it was an accident or a deliberate act of some sort of criminal culpability on this and that once they had determined that in the move forward with either an arrest or release and then it becomes a civil matter.

Deputies were joined by plainclothes detectives and not long after the women were returned to the home. Eventually, a large group of deputies entered the property and directed upstairs to the room presumed to be for the drivers what investigators found and what they were looking for, was unclear.

No one was talking. Another group went door to door asking for security video. No neighbor wanted to go on camera but suggested that they wanted to see when the 22-year-old arrived home. And when he left early Wednesday at the scene of the crash, CHP officers conducted field sobriety tests. Ultimately a toxicology test might help explain why the SUV veered out of the lane and into the recruits any sense of potential. Drugs or other influences.


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