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Vigil Held for Drive-by Victims

On Thursday of this week there was a vigil held for a 19-year-old man that was killed in a drive-by shooting three years ago. A reporter from CBS spoke with his family members at the vigil in the 19000 block of Laurel Avenue. The family and friends of deceased Cesar explained to the reporter that all they want is for the suspects in the shooting to be brought to justice. On that tragic morning witnesses said the drive-by was done by a driver of a gray scion. The car pulled up at around three in the morning and fired several shots from a handgun, killing two men Cesar Rodriguez and Larry Villegas. Cesar’s mom is begging the public to offer the police any information they may have about the shooting and expressing her grief, saying that it was done for nothing. Police have no leads in the case and are not sure whether the other man on the porch was a target. Authorities are still investigating the murder and are asking for the public’s help with this case. Blog Your Bail Bonds Whittier.


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