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Whittier Shooting leaves one man wounded

After a shooting in the city of Whittier, one victim was left with a gunshot wound to the leg in an apartment complex. The shooting is believed to be the result of a heated argument that escalated to the point that a man was left with a gunshot. Authorities stated that a car pulled up, then the suspect stepped out of the vehicle, where he was confronted by the victim and an argument ensued. Shortly after the argument began, the suspect pulled out a handgun and let out a shot into the victim’s leg. The suspect then fled the scene of the shooting before the police could respond to the calls. There is no description of the suspect at this time and there is no clear motive behind the shooting at this time. Whittier police are asking the public for help with figuring out who the suspect in the shooting is and are asking them to call the Whittier Police Department as soon as possible.

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