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KKK Propaganda found by Whittier Residents on Their Front Lawns

Earlier this week, residents in the city of Whittier woke up to discover Ku Klux Klan propaganda fliers scattered on their front lawns according to police. Along with the fliers on their lawns, the residents found packages. The packages consisted of three sheets of paper sealed in plastic bags, weighted with small rocks and pieces of candy. The first reports of these packages to the police were early in the morning at around 6 a.m. There was nothing threatening about the packages or the contents of those passages. The fliers only contained political statements and material promoting the KKK. According to police, there was no crime committed by the fliers. There was a similar incident exactly one week prior to this in the city of Fullerton. Police have reports of this similar behavior by the KKK in other cities such as Santa Ana and Orange. These acts of promoting an organizations is not illegal and is protected by our right to the freedom of speech. Police are telling residents that if you do not agree with the organization, then just simply discard the package.

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