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Whittier Police Department, CA

The Whittier Police Department is located at 13200 Penn St, Whittier, CA 90602, it's is in charge of keeping about 85,000 residents safe throughout the city of Whittier. This department is comprised of many sections that all work together to ensure that the city is as safe as possible. The sections that make up the Whittier Police Department are Patrol, Investigation, Support Services, and the Administration Divisions. There are 128 sworn officers and 54 civilian staff that make up the whole department and ensure that the department is running smoothly. The department is proud to say that they have to the support of every resident in the city and know that they the city trusts the police department with their lives and safety of their neighborhoods. In order for someone to get hired as an officer in the department, they would first have to complete the courses at the Police Academy in the city of Whittier. It is every officers mission to make sure that they are providing the residents of Whittier a high quality of life for them and their families.


The Whittier Police Department has been in service since 1955, at which point the Department started with 20 police officers. As the city began to grow, the police department began expanding in order to meet the needs of the growing community. In 2007, the city approved a $35 million project to construct a new headquarters for the police in Whittier. The new station was completed on late October, 2010. This makes the station in Whittier one of the most modern police stations in the state of California and especially in the Greater Los Angeles County. The new department is located to the west of the City Hall at 13200 Penn St, Whittier, CA. All of the officers employed in Whittier also make sure that they are involved in their individual communities in order to make their neighborhoods safer.

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