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Whittier Bail Bonds

Whittier Bail Bonds.

When you or your loved one is arrested in the city of Whittier, they or you will be taken to the Whittier Jail, which is located at 7315 S Painter Ave Whittier, CA 90602. Once the defendant arrives at the jail an officer on duty will confiscate any personal belongings for safekeeping for the remainder of the defendant’s time spent at the jail. After his or her belongings have been registered, the jailer will begin the booking process by gathering some personal information such as their name and date of birth. They will also have to take a picture so all of this information could be added to the Los Angeles County Sheriff system. After that, the defendant will be taken to a separate room to begin the fingerprinting process that is done via a machine called Live Scan, which is directly connected to the department of justice.


The purpose of this step is to see if the arrestee has any outstanding warrants or is wanted by any other law enforcement agency in America. The jailer must wait to receive the results of the Live Scan before he or she could be cleared bail and the results will usually take anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours to reach the jailer. Once the jailer determines if the defendant is cleared for bail, he or she will officially assign the arrestee his or her charges and set a court date. In order for us to post bail on the defendant’s behalf, he or she will need to be cleared and you will need to verify any information with one of our highly trained agents.


When you speak to one of our agents here at Sunrise Bail Bonds Whittier, he or she will start by asking some preliminary information such as the defendant’s name and date of birth and your relationship to the arrestee. After that, our agent will contact the jailer to verify all of the bail information and find out if the defendant is cleared for bail or not. After that, our agent will set up a meeting time and place with you in order for you to fill out some paperwork that is necessary to complete the Whittier Jail release process.


Once all of the paperwork is complete, one of our highly trained agents, here, at Your Bail Bonds Whittier will turn in the paperwork to the jailer, who will then verify all of the information to complete the bail bond process for Whittier When the jailer verifies that all of the necessary information is there, he or she will begin the final steps of the jail release process for Whittier Jail. Once that is complete, the defendant will be able to leave the jail and will be assigned a later court date. The release process could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on how busy the jail is at that time.

Bail Bonds In Whittier

Bail Bonds In Whittier

Dedication, Commitment, Integrity and more!

24 Hours Bail Bonds Services

24 Hours Bail Bonds Services

Call us any time, our live bondsmen are always available to assist you.

Excellent Customer Support

Excellent Customer Support

Once you call us we will provide you with a free bail information and we will explain the bail process.

Over 35 Years of Combined Experience

Over 35 Years of Combined Experience

We provide a free bail consultation and we will guide you through the bail process step by step.

Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Call us today and let our highly trained team do the work for you.

Whittier Bail Bonds

Whittier Bail Bonds

We are dedicated to bringing families back together.

Choosing a bail bond agency

The moment you receive that first phone call informing you that your loved one has been arrested could put your life into a tail spin trying to figure out what to do next. Your first idea is to try searching for a bail bond agency online, but you notice that there are thousands of listings of agencies in your area and you cannot decide which one seems the most trustworthy and you are left with the question, which one do I choose? It is important that you choose the right agency to handle your case because the bail bond process in Whittier and the Whittier Jail release process can become very confusing and you want to make sure that you are hiring the best and most legitimate bail bond agency that can complete the process in the shortest time possible.


Our agents are expertly trained in bail bonds especially in Whittier. We have been serving the beautiful city of Whittier for many years and have helped thousands of people successfully bail their loved ones out of the Whittier Jail without any problems. All of our staff at Your Bail Bonds Whittier can guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our services and you will be surprised in how little time it takes for us to complete the jail release process in Whittier compared to other agencies. Our agents are highly trained especially in customer service so you will not have to deal with any rude behavior.


We also make sure to assign each of our clients their own agent so as to avoid any confusion throughout the process and so you will not have to constantly explain your situation to different agents. Our agents will make sure that you understand the complete process so that you know exactly what you need to do and all of the necessary requirements to complete the Whittier Jail release process. We understand that this a tough time for you and that the economy isn’t that great, which is why we offer different payment methods.


If you cannot come up with full 10% of the bail amount at this time, you could choose a payment plan and we will work with you to come up with a reasonable payment plan to fit your budget. However, this option could mean that we may need to collect some form of collateral and one of our agents will be more than happy to explain this in further detail over the phone. So hurry and put your mind at ease and call us in order to get your loved one through the jail release process as quick as possible.

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